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Win of the day - part 3

Win of the day part 3:

I decided not to clean

It has been a busy past week. We've all been sick in the house yet I have had no time to rest for one reason or another. Here and now I find my sick symptoms getting worse. I feel like it's because I haven't been actually giving myself a chance to recover. My house is a disaster and a messy house gives me a ton of anxiety. I constantly feel like I'm trying to catch up with the maintenance of it without ever quite getting there. But I made a difficult decision at least for just today, I'm not going to try and clean it. I feel like crap so I am prioritizing my rest and recovery today. I'm letting the mess go. I'm telling myself to let it be. It will get addressed eventually. I'm giving myself this pass and that's ok.

LMK what your latest win is in the comments!

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