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What I didn't expect when my son turned 1

✨ What I didn't expect when my son turned 1✨

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1. Big emotion- sure, we all know it's a milestone but the way it hit me that day I could not believe it as I reflected on all my baby has learned and all that I have accomplished as a new mom. It's overwhelming how much there is to wrap your head around.

2. Some relief- turning 1 comes with so many changes, particularly around eating. As a breastfeeding mama, I have now reached the point where they say they don't technically "need" breastmilk (or formula if you are formula feeding). This doesn't mean I want to stop breastfeeding but it gives me a light at the end of the tunnel that I am closer to having that bittersweet freedom again.

3. How much I wanted to celebrate it- at first I thought, well of course I will celebrate but maybe we just keep it small. It turned out to be a way bigger thing with tons of decorations, goodies, And planning. I wanted to make his birthday a big bash! I wanted to celebrate this milestone with enthusiasm.

How did you feel when your baby turned 1? If they aren't 1 yet, what are you looking forward to? LMK in comments and follow 👉🏼 @tinythreadstrend for more.

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