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Abercrombie Kids - boys spring finds

✨Here's what I love about these....✨

But first FOLLOW me 👉🏼 @tinythreadstrend for more amazing finds for the kiddos🤗

Something that I love about what I found there is how incredibly SOFT these shirts and sweaters feel. The shirts felt lightweight enough for spring and summer. The sweaters felt great for those chilly nights. These features plus the feeling of being wrapped in a fluffy cloud ☁️ = a win to me. A bonus is that almost everything was buy one get one 50% off. The sizes go from 5/6 all the way to teen.

Have you bought anything from Abercrombie kids? What did you think? Lmk below 👇🏼

PS. Click on LINKS above for the links to some of my fave finds from this trip

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