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3 things I've stepped away from in my first year as a mom

3 things I've stepped away from in my first yr as a mom:

1. Friendships that no longer serve me- Having a child changes the dynamics of even your closest relationships. Because of this, some relationships may not survive. Although it can be disappointing, becoming a mom makes you realize that standing up for your child is the most important thing in this world. On the bright side of this, motherhood can also strengthen certain relationships by sharing the experience that only moms know

2. Limiting beliefs - the possibilities in this life are truly endless. I thought I would feel less freedom as a mom but I feel like I'm not as afraid to embrace new opportunities. For example, I started this Instagram because I want to share my passion with other moms. I probably never would have done this before! Doing things outside the box is scary but empowering.

3. Negative self talk - if I want my son to have self worth and confidence, he needs to have a mom that can model that. Whenever I have negative thoughts, I've been practicing catching myself and remembering why I need to be better.

Thank you for reading and following my journey ☺️ comment your thoughts below. Have you had a similar experience?

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